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Connor's Army is helping Sunrise Day Camp give children with cancer the chance to just be children
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In 2007 Gene Connor rode more than 2,000 miles and raised $12,000 to fight cancer.  Now he's hit the road again ... all 3,712 miles of it between California and New York!

With a fundraising goal of $50,000, he's pledged himself to helping Sunrise Day Camp, where he spends his summers working with children with cancer and their siblings.  Watching these children go through a battle even adults find it difficult to face is both heartbreaking and inspiring.  But he has seen with his own eyes the difference this special place makes in lives filled with pain and uncertainty.  And to help it he's doing what he does best ... riding his bicycle.

About Sunrise Day Camp

Sunrise Day Camp

Sunrise Day Camp is the only dedicated day camp in the nation designed for children with cancer.  It's a very special place where children with cancer and their siblings can come free of charge to enjoy a summer filled with fun, friendship, and activities - things often denied them by the demands of their medical condition.  At Sunrise they can escape the waiting rooms, the lab work, the check-ups, and the chemo-therapy; and simply be children in the sun.

Sunrise gives children whose normal lives have become far from normal, an extraordinary facility equipped to meet their emotional, social, recreational, and physical needs.  For their families, whose financial resources have been overtaxed by the cost of medical care, Sunrise Day Camp provides for free something priceless ... the chance for all their children to be children again.

Everyone’s life has been touched by cancer in both distant and far-too-close ways.  Sunrise Day Camp is helping its youngest victims have the childhood experiences they could too easily miss.

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But they need your help as well.  Because of the special staffing and physical needs of the children, costs are more than $6,000 for each camper who attends Sunrise.  Our goal is to raise $50,000 to give eight children with cancer the chance to be children again.

There are many ways to enlist in Connor's Army
  • You can make pledges in support of Gene's ride - all funds raised through pledges go directly to Sunrise Day Camp
  • Corporate and individual sponsors are always welcome to help defray costs
  • You can donate credit card or hotel points or miles to Connor's Army XC to pay for hotels during the ride
  • You can donate a bicycle to be refurbished and sold for Sunrise
  • If you're feeling really ambitious you can join Connor's Army XC and cycle part of the cross country ride with Gene

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